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Health & Happiness 
Corporate programmes from onebody

Corporate Services

Many companies in Ireland are now focussing on the wellbeing of their employees and realising the benefits of introducing Corporate Wellness programs. One of the biggest difficulties they have is the introduction and management of these programs. They need resourcing from multiple vendors and touch points to supply the wellbeing services required in order to complete their corporate wellbeing programme.

Our Health & Happiness offerings are designed to take this burden away.

Vendor Management

At onebody we have taken a holistic approach to our "Health and Happiness" Corporate Programme we offer a managed service approach to allow HR and Procurement professionals to facilitate Wellbeing services through just One vendor, in turn reducing the need to deal with multiple vendors for services.

Starting a culture of Wellbeing

To embrace a culture of Wellness into your company, it needs to be embedded into the DNA of your organisation.. 

We offer workshops in change management to help bring senior management and line managers along in developing and communicating your company values. 

How managers engage and how you build a common view of the company’s ethos, value and purpose. A great culture is not defined by offering Well-being initiatives, it’s through the way people are treated, managed, it’s the attitude, essence and environment of the company.

Physio/Physical Therapy/Massage Therapy

We can facilitate on-site therapists on a half day or full day basis – monthly or weekly. 

Our practitioners can handle all of those bothersome musculoskeletal niggles. From acute to chronic pain injuries.
All of our therapists are fully experienced, qualified registered practitioners with IAPT and ISCP certification. Massage relaxation and Deep Tissue (plinth or chair) on-site massage are facilitated for those hard to sooth muscles.
All our treatments are covered by all major Health insurer

Run or Cycling Conditioning programs

Many organisations are getting involved in sporting activities these days, maybe you and your team are thinking of getting involved in a corporate or fundraising challenge e.g. a run or cycling event.
Through the onebody "Health and Happiness” plans, we can provide programmes which include a mix of Personal Trainers and Physiotherapy, to coach groups through running or cycling training programs improvement, breathing, nutrition and training loads.

Fitness and Strength Training

Maybe your organisation would like to facilitate an onsite gym or exercise activities for your employees? This is especially attractive if you've got a young workforce. Gen y's are very health conscious and are attracted to companies who care for their health and wellbeing.

We can provide Personal Trainers, your own on-site gym, onsite pop-up classes or outdoor Bootcamp, calisthenics, beach runs, fun runs, HIIT Classes or a Hell & Back Training Program

Body re-vitalisation Yoga

At onebody we consider health and wellbeing on many levels. Some forms of exercise that we offer can help your workforce to unwind, improve flexibility and de-stress.

We can provide on-site Yoga Classes. Emphasis on strength and flexibility or rest and relaxation can help to revitalise your team before, during or after the working day . Our Yoga teachers have been trained in Vinyasa, Core Flow, Power & Yin Yoga and Bikram Yoga. Classes can be indoor or outdoor depending on facilities and weather.

Financial Wellbeing Advice

Advice talks from our partnered accountants to help your staff understand what their existing benefits and financial incomings / outgoings are and how to manage them.

Ergonomic Assessments

Our ergonomics certified specialist brings their experience of Physical Therapy into the assessment and recommendations of your workplace. With modern furniture and the pervasiveness of mobile working, a new approach to ergonomics in the workplace is practiced by our Specialists. We use approved trainers to the HSE.

Anxiety Management
Dealing with stress and getting a betters night’s sleep’.

Stress is more and more prevalent in today's working life. We can provide mechanisms and techniques for your employees to help build resilience using Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Stress Management techniques, through talks and seminars delivered by qualified Phycologists and Psychotherapists.

Nutritional advice and workshops
– delivered by qualified Nutritionists.

We've all seen the programmes "You are what you eat" but yet sometimes it takes an intervention to realise bad eating habits, particularly in a work environment when you are time poor or need a quick fix to boost your energy levels.

Our nutritionists deliver a series of talks on nutrition taking the myths of the Nutrition industry away, communicating pragmatic and practical ways to help your employees realise the importance of eating well, advising on both personal and family nutrition.

Workforce Happiness Seminars

“Data abounds showing that happy workers have higher levels of productivity, produce higher sales, perform better in leadership positions, and receive higher performance ratings and higher pay.”

What is Happiness and how do you help managers and staff get to understand the benefits to their work, their families and the customers they interact with. We offer fun talks and programs on bringing greater happiness to your business.

These talks look at challenging behaviours, emotional well-being and developing positive habits. Delivering seminars on Tips for achieving  happiness and developing a culture of wellbeing.

Remember all or some of these services can be part of your corporate well-being programme. We will work with you to tailor a "Health and Happiness" plan based on a partnership approach and an assessment of your current business environment.