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About Us

onebody is a team of pain and movement specialists working together to help people suffering from physical pain and injury to get out of pain and back to living. 

Whether you suffer from back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis , rheumatoid arthritis, ongoing knee pain, whiplash, sports injuries or can't find a resolution to chronic joint pain.

Our unique approach uses a combination of medical evidence based mind, body and nutritional therapies to target the causes of pain and restore functional movement patterns. 

Whether you have an injury that requires treatment and rehabilitation or are suffering with long standing or re-occurring pain, we want to help you return to pain free movement.

Our Ethos

At onebody we believe in ethical health care. Understanding our client’s goals enables us to work in partnership to find the right combination of treatments


Our mission is to provide high quality affordable healthcare solutions that empower and support people to actively manage their physical wellbeing.

Are you suffering from persistent pain? Get in contact with our clinic today to see how our specialists can help you live a life free from debilitating pain.