At onebody we strive to get you out of pain and back to movement. 

Our ethos focuses on optimising the health and function of our clients to improve their overall quality of life. 

We believe in a whole-body approach to the treatment of physical pain and movement dysfunction which recognises that pain can have multiple sources and may therefore require more than a single form of therapy.  At onebody, we approach physical pain from the aspects of physical function, mental well-being and nutritional health. 

So whether you have a sports or occupational injury, suffer from on-going pain, experience flare-ups of old injuries or simply want to improve your physical health and well-being then our services are for you. 

Our vision is to get people off the cycle of therapy as quickly and as affordably as possible. We achieve this through our offering of individual face-to-face consultations, on-line consultations, small group classes and educational seminars.

Our Services

We practice evidence-based manual Physical / Physiotherapy which we combine with our expertise on the very latest nutritional and psychological research.

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Whole body Assessment

Our methodology involves treating a person as a whole. Our full body assessments can help you to identify your barriers to living a healthier, happier life.

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About Us

onebody is committed to providing ethical health care. We give clients the tools, education and belief that they can overcome even long-term injuries and persistent pain.

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The Team

Our team possess expertise in a range of disciplines including Physiotherapy/Physical Therapy, Psychotherapy, Nutritional Therapy, and Massage Therapy.

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Corporate Services

onebody takes a holistic approach to health and happiness. We offer companies a comprehensive, fully managed wellness package which encourages employee wellness and breeds a positive workplace culture.

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" Very professional. Yvonne explained why I was getting the pain and where it was connected to. I went to her twice, once for my foot and once for my back. She sorted me out and gave me advice on how to look after my back in the future to avoid getting pains again. Highly recommended. "

- Alvaro V.

" In early April I meet Andrea for some advice as I was told by my GP I had a glucose issue that were heading towards Diabetes. It was suggested by my doctor to lose some weight, to get more exercise and seek some advice from a qualified nutritional professional.

“My goals when I meet Andrea was to get an insight into what to eat; what to avoid and to lose some weight which has gradually snuck up to 96KG/ 212 lbs. Andrea walked me through the basics of what is causing my glucose and advised me on what to tweak in my food intake; when I should be eating and what foods to avoid (the avoids list is not that bad as there are great alternatives).

Without ANY pain and some light exercise, within 2 weeks I lost 4kg/ 9lbs. 12 weeks on into the new eating & exercise pattern; I am down 24 LBs/ 11 KGs, I just did a glucose test and it is much improved, happy days all round.” "

- Alan

" Yvonne sorted out my hamstring pain in one session. Top job. Wish I had of gone sooner and saved myself a week of pain. Very professional. "

- Georgina W.

" I went to see Andrea with the objective being weight loss and to aid the management of a stressful period in my life. The taking of a detailed history was very reassuring and the recommendations she gave were clear and understandable. All diet changes were in line with my lifestyle at that time and were manageable. I felt better following the changes and definitely more in control of what I was eating. I found Andrea both very professional and very helpful indeed. "

- Elaine

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